About Me

I am currently enrolled at Belton NewTech HighSchool.

I was born 1998 August 14

I am a dog lover.

I have ADD and ADHD and Poland Syndrome .

I like to make Music when I get bored and when I feel the need.

I also love photography and like to practice my self defense with my speedball.

I, like anyone else, obviously like to smile.

I love to mess with graphic design and make stuffs like logos.

I try to play the Guitar (I use a Viper & a 10 watt Huntington Amp).

I was a Disc Jockey (I used the Ion Discover DJ controller & the software I used was Cross Discover DJ 1.2.9) that is before my controller stopped working right….

I play the Keyboard (I have two Yamahas).

I also play the Harmonica and have two one Bluesband and one Mississippi.

I write sheet music and have used Garageband, NanoStudio, Logic Pro X, Reason, MuseScore, and Fl Studio.

I am awesome at using Adobe Software such as: Illustrator, Photoshop, Audition, and (etc….). I like/love making media and being creative.

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